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The Coming Storm: Are You Ready?

Whether you know it or not there is a storm coming…a storm that will engulf all of mankind…a storm unlike any the Earth has witnessed…if we survive then all that we know will change beyond recognition…the meaning of what it is to be human will be altered forever.

I know because I work in intelligence…it is my job to predict the future…on the battlefields of Afghanistan my life depended on it…these predictions are not based on whims…but on years of training…of combat and cold hard fact…of repeated analysing of sources and data.

These sources and data come not from my mind or some ancient religious text, but from the greatest minds in the world. From the likes of Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku who pioneered String Theory…to Ray Kurzweil the Head of Research and Development at Google. Technology is speeding up…it’s taking over…it’s going off the fucking chart..

Our capabilities in artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, neurology, bionics and genetics are doubling in power roughly every eighteen months. That means in fifteen years these technologies will be more than a thousand times more advanced. Imagine something a thousand times smarter than the latest smartphone, and a thousand times smaller. That is what we will be able to make…soon…much sooner than you think…you will have super smart robots…so small they can fit into your blood and your brain.

At the current pace by the year 2029 the smartest computers in the world will outstrip mankind in creative intelligence. We will have built a machine smarter than us…with infinitely more processing power.

What such a machine will do we cannot know…it might care for us…it might be hostile. What will 20 do? Or 100? Or a 1,000,000?

Should you survive this…by 2045, thirty years from now, our technologies will be over a million times more advanced than they are today. We will likely be able to download our minds into machines, back our brains up onto computer, reverse ageing, regrow organs, regrow limbs or even have entirely robotic bodies. You will be able to engineer yourself. Fancy increasing your muscle, your memory or thinking power? Want to download skills into your mind without learning them? Want to have eyesight of on owl? The hearing of a bat? Want to change bodies on a whim? It’s highly likely that power will come to pass…in your lifetime.

Worried about your pension? If you’re body doesn’t age, then sorry you won’t fucking get one…you’ll have to keep working.

Worried about global warming? You’re barking up the wrong fucking tree…if you survive we’ll have the power to reverse it.

Humans will no longer be human…we will become like gods…all that is wicked and evil about us…all that is great and good will be magnified. The advances will happen bit by ever faster bit, it will begin in the richest most powerful countries and spread across the globe faster than mobile phones and the internet. Everyone you despise…everyone you love…will have the power to become like a god…they will make love like a god…they will make war like a god…should we survive such wars…by the end of the century we will likely be able to warp space-time itself…it will be the great dawning of mankind…not a sun rise…but a galaxy rise…the resources of the cosmos unfolding before our eyes.

This is not a warning. It is a challenge. Are you remotely ready? No? What a pity..

You can always surrender to me, I’ll look after you…



4 comments on “The Coming Storm: Are You Ready?

  1. Harley
    January 14, 2015

    But just because something is simple enough and cheap enough to reach the masses doesn’t mean it will. It’s more likely to be capitalized on and made illegal to the common person who’s more likely to be a guinea pig for it than given the godly power of it. And if this doesn’t destroy us as shown, they could gas us (like Denver airport depictions) for population control by giving compliers of vaccines or Rfid chips the needed immunity to survive. But once complied with both those acts hand over the power of our well being to power-corrupt individuals. The future does not look so bright, no. My hope is that more humans will start tapping into their 3rd eye/sixth sense and use it to adapt to such a world. Many already have, but since it can’t be capitalized on we are generally made to believe such abilities don’t exist. Oh, the wonders of life .. and death…


    • dragonslut
      January 14, 2015

      Oh how sweet…it thinks that just because it’s intelligent that it can do intelligence. Hmmm…maybe I should try to teach that Emerald Maiden some Ariel Skills because I saw it on the telly once…or perhaps I should to teach a mother to breastfeed because I have a nipple?

      My darling Harley, allow me to cease my mockery and stifle my laughter for a moment. In order to assure you that I am a little in love with you. You are my favourite reader. My most recent post was all about the memories and feelings you have awoken from their slumber. I miss your submission…I am like a frog out of water as I attempt to train lesser mortals to take your place…I mean that.

      However the mysterious ‘they’ to which you refer are not a cohesive unit…’they’ are hundreds of thousands of COMPETING corporations, governments, individuals and armies. Think about it. Really think. ‘They’ did not stop the spread of the internet, smartphones. ‘They’ could not even stop the spread of stealth technology or nuclear weaponry. It’s highly unlikely that most of ‘them’ will even know what ‘they’ are dealing with before its out there.This is because the speed of technology will increase faster than men can think. Even if its made illegal, like drugs, you cannot stop the spread once its out. Merely slow it. If you disagree I can direct you to the relevant scientific publications and studies. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

      Oh wait you just said ‘its more likely’ based on assumption and your natural intelligence didn’t you? I was the same once, before my training…it made me smile.

      Which brings me to the most amusing part. ‘The Population Control Theory.’ Remove your fear and your pre-conceived idea of some all-knowing purely evil and totally cohesive elite…and consider the facts.

      That is a wall in an airport. It is evidence that an artist worked on a wall in an airport. It is not evidence of a planned atrocity no matter what it depicts. It is a wall in an airport. Nothing more…you know that.

      An Rfid chip, is a tag. Like a tag in your clothing or a barcode. It is not evidence of a planned atrocity, it is a modern tag and nothing to fear. I can teach you to make your own if you like?

      I’ve read the anti-vaccers ‘science’ with great interest and an open mind. I was concerned vaccines had played a role in my brothers autism. Rest assured their ‘science’ was totally falsified and utterly criminal. The weight of evidence against anti-vaccers is substantial. Vaccines save millions of lives every year. Think about it…once deadly diseases are but a memory…I’ve happened across people with measles, mumps and yellow fever. Vaccines have saved me every time.

      I’ve met a handful of the worlds elite…think about ‘them’…’they’ are people like you and me…some are dickheads…most are average and I’ve met one I would class as ‘really rather lovely.’ Sometimes like you and I ‘they’ do things that are kind just because ‘they’ are sometimes kind, vaccines are one of those things. I promise.

      You are right about other senses though…clever girl…but the future is a dance between good and evil, like the dance in your own soul. It will have moments of darkness and light. It will have a bitter sweet taste and a terrible beauty. You can hope and pray for a spiritual awakening…but that will not protect you or those you love.

      I can teach you combat skills, survival skills, computer/internet hacking skills and how to do real intelligence…can your other loves do that? Surrender to me…I’ll look after you x


      • Harley
        January 15, 2015

        I only just saw this, like where you’re going with some of it. I’ll have to reply in an email though, not here. ^_^ give me till tomorrow.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. dragonslut
    January 15, 2015

    Take as long as you like…


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