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Subs and Slaves: Apply Here

Hello my sweet submissive things…my pretty little paramours…what makes you come here today? Is it too hard to make your own decisions? Is your lover too wet to take command? Is it your pleasure to please? Is it sexy to serve? Is surrender your ultimate fantasy? Whatever it is I have orders for you to obey…commands you can hold deep inside…you can serve me in secret…or if it pleases me I’ll put you by my side…and you do want to please me don’t you? You live to serve…you’re the most romantic lovers that ever existed…I know the well of your love is the deepest in all the world…I am honoured by your service…I am waiting with your rituals…with your commands…I give solitary tasks…I accept complete surrender…the more power you surrender…the more commands you’ll have and the more you’ll please me…and you do want to please me don’t you?

Write to jackgorman1978@gmail.com and tell me how badly you want to serve…I’ll be here for you xxx

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