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Security, Intelligence and Private Investigation Services

Is there a security problem with your firm? Problems with a thief or a stalker? Are you being taken advantage of? Are the law not doing enough to help? Are you not sure if you can trust a business partner? Have you been involved in accident and treated unfairly? Are you a solicitor who needs help with their case? Has someone framed you? Is your other half cheating? I may be able to help…

I’m a qualified and licensed, UK based, Private Investigator. I have over seven years experience of security, intelligence and investigation work. I’m a veteran of the Afghan Conflict and have engaged in combat with the Taliban and Al Qaida. I offer corporate and personal services. I’m experienced in designing and operating complex multi layer security systems. I’m experienced in civil and criminal law cases. I’m experienced in complex threat analysis. My services include, but are not limited to the following:

Physical Security of Individuals.

Physical Security of staff, properties, valuables and confidential data.

Full Investigation of Criminal Cases.

Full Investigation of Civil Law Cases.

Full Intelligence Investigation (Short, Medium or Long Term Threat Analysis)

Infidelity Investigation.

Accident Investigation.

Fraud Investigation.

Witness Statements.

Locus Reports.

Digital Investigations (Coming January 2016)

Prices are £80 GDP an hour. £500 a day. £3000 a week. Can you afford not to contact me? Sign up to my email and contact me at Jackgorman1978@gmail.com to arrange a free confidential chat.


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