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Dating, Romantic and Sexual Advice Services

Troubles with your man? Troubles finding a man? Troubles in the bedroom? Unsure of what’s wrong or how to fix it?

I offer a no nonsense one to one advice service for those suffering from romantic, dating, or sexual worries. I’m not a medical expert, I’m an overly experienced lover who sleeps with all genders. My advice does not come from having my head buried in a medical journal. It comes from a personal experience and a male perspective, a perspective which is rarely offered in women’s magazines. It’s up to you who’s advice you seek…Still unsure? I advise reading my blog.

I specialise in tailored one to one services for those who have troubles with their male lovers. However I cater to all law abiding clients, including couples and straight men . I also offer advice to homosexuals in countries where their sexuality is oppressed.

I offer a confidential one to one service, both over the phone and in person. It will cost £80 GDP per hour, plus expenses. Every tenth hour is free. Or you can opt for a full day package for £500 or the deluxe one week package at £3,000.

Join my e-mail list and contact me at Jackgorman1978@gmail.com to arrange a free confidential chat.


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