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The Submissive One (Part 1 of 2)

I’d been dating Almera for two years, it was a measure of how much I loved her that I was this pissed off. To my sex obsessed soul our last conversation had been particularly painful. “Yeah,” she’d said from the other end of our long distance relationship, “so I’ll be working weekends in this job and you’ll be working weekdays. So I’ll see you about twice in ten weeks. It’ll be okay, we can still talk everyday.”

“That’s not okay, temp in another fucking job, one that means I can see you.”

“Baby, it’s decided, I still love you…we’re still going to move in after the summer…we can still talk everyday…”

Her sudden lack of passion was devastating.

“Talking everyday isn’t going to suck my dick is it?” I’d said and hung up. That was eighteen nights of sex gone for a temporary bloody job. Right there, I decided to cheat. Given that time frame she’d cheat anyway. The carpet burns…the back scratches…for one night stands we were as bad as each other. We just never spoke of it, we were wild and we knew it…we pretended to believe each others lies…no, she wasn’t heavenly…but she looked like an angel…danced like one… fucked like one…I loved her with every fibre of my being…I loved the madness in her bossy little soul.

What? What is it Reader? Are you thinking that I didn’t love her? Or that she didn’t love me? If you think that, you can fuck off…how we loved is none of your business.

But I was pissed off that Almera wasn’t going to let me fuck her this month, so I decided to bed the spy’s wife. It sounds dramatic and exciting, but everyone in this place was a spy. It was close knit and if you were going to screw around you couldn’t bring anyone back without applying in writing a week earlier. It was easier to screw someone on base.

So yeah…Josephine was married to a much more important spy…or some bullshit…I couldn’t really care…testosterone was coursing through my veins after Almera’s knock back. I had to fuck tonight or my head would explode…Josephine was my target, my prey.

She had big brown eyes, a cracking rack and an ass that did squats everyday. I knew a part of her wanted me, she’d been giving me the eye for weeks. But Josephine was married, didn’t like swearing and baked cup cakes for the old peoples home…until the secret canteen incident she’d had ‘Goody Two Shoes’ written all over her face.

That lunchtime the hot plates had warmed my face, metal cutlery was clanking on my wooden tray. I was trying not to drool over the smell of the lamb chops and mint sauce…my belly rumbled. Suddenly I was distracted.

Josephine ‘accidentally’ fell into my back, her large firm breasts pushing through the cotton of her t-shirt onto my arm. I ‘caught’ her by the crotch…my hand feeling her pussy through the light canvas of her trousers…she smelled of talcum powder…she leaned slightly forward before righting herself. It was very subtle and it was over in under two seconds. But the thrill in her eyes was unmistakable…

She’d sat opposite me at the dinner table and her foot had run up and down my leg…she’d ran her foot all the way up to my cock. She tantalised and teased…she got me hard in the middle of dinner with a hundred people none the wiser, which was fine and dandy by me…it was our dirty little secret. We’d smiled filth at each other.

Up until that moment she was a friend, you know, not the regular kind…but the kind you touch yourself about…what is it Reader? You never thought of a ‘friend’ when you played with yourself? I know you have… everyone has. You’ve dreamed of ‘friends’ while you’ve been fucking your partner as well, haven’t you? What’s more is that you liked it, didn’t you?



Josephine was very fuckable…like that ‘friend’ you know you shouldn’t be thinking about…

I decided to meet her in a bar on camp and see what happened. It was badly lit and stank of piss and lager…I chose it on purpose so she’d want to leave all the sooner. I’m calculating like that.

“Can we just go back to the block and watch a film in the lounge?” she asked, the soft skin of her fingers squeezing my hand. We hadn’t even bought a drink. I knew just what she was up to…but this easy? It wouldn’t be last time she surprised me.

“Yeah, okay, fuck it…” I said. We linked arms on the short walk back. She didn’t talk though: “Are you okay?” I asked. Like I said, she was a friend and I cared.

She took a deep breath…

“We’ll talk back in the block, in your room…”

That’s when I knew things were going to get strange…a married woman alone in my room…the tension was building…it was a good job my room was close to the entrance…we snuck in quickly and quietly…I like strange and mysterious women…she was growing on me…she closed the door behind us and twisted the latch. The metal rasping sound confirmed she’d locked us in.

Slowly she turned to look at me…eyes wide…I pushed her hard against the door and kissed her open mouth…her lips wet…my fingers on her neck…sending shivers down her spine…she gasped and I let her go. It’s fun to tease…

images (27)

I turned and walked away from her…when I turned back to tease her again…she was on her knees,  her eyes closed. Her hands clasped. Her head bowed to the floor as though she prayed. She looked double barrel beautiful.

But I didn’t understand, it was strange. There was a tense silence. 

“Jo…you’re kneeling on my floor.”

“Shut up…I’m trying to tell you something.”

There was another furious silence. I decided to help her out.

“Use words…” I smirked.

“Shut up…I’m preparing myself.”

“Oh are you now?” I teased.

“Jack…I know you love Almera…she’s so pretty…I know I can’t replace her…but can I be your second best for one night please…” she whispered.

“Well being as how you’re here…” I sat on the desk and touched myself. Like you touch yourself…close your eyes…you know how that feels…

“I’ve loved you since I first clapped eyes on you six months ago.”

My mouth dropped open. I licked my lips. Josephine was full of surprises. I could taste her lip balm…she tasted of strawberries. “Go on…” I said.

“I’ll never tell…I worship the ground you walk on…I promise…please…please don’t throw me out…I’ll do anything you want…please…I’d do anything you want me to.”

It was extreme begging…for half a second I pitied her…for half a second I was disappointed…she’d sounded bitter, like she’d forced herself to speak. Then still on her knees she looked at me with a great ferocity.

It was a look that spoke volumes, an empire of words unspoken. That look said she didn’t lack for pride…but that she desired to please me more than her pride…that she loved me so much that she would do anything…anything at all…she would submit herself to my will…that she trusted me to toy with her as I wished. It was the most romantic gesture I’d seen…

Something stirred deep inside…it swept over me in a wave…her submission was a heaven to me. I decided to put it to the test. My phone vibrated in my pocket…Almera…I switched it off instantly. This was my time…

“Anything I want?” I asked. The rush of power filled me, thrilled me with a desire I’d not known before…

“Yes…anything you want…”

“Stand up and hold your hands above your head. Do it now.”

She did as she was told. Her large breasts pushing against her holter neck top. I studied her…I cocked my head.

“Stand on one leg,” I said.

“Are you mocking me?” she seethed.

“I’m testing you,” again she did as she was told. I could barely breathe…it was a rush I could barely believe. She had no idea how hard she’d made me…


“Put your foot down. Take off all your clothes, do it fast and do it now.”

She did as she was told. Only her wedding ring remained: “Take off the ring.”

She took it off without hesitation. The tiny sound the ring made on the wood of my dresser understated the gravity of the gesture. She stood before me cold, vulnerable and afraid. The full depth of her passion on display. I studied her naked body as though it were a piece of meat, I decided to treat her like a piece of meat. It was the only way I could hide how much the gesture meant to me…how much she meant to me so suddenly…Josephine’s nipples grew hard.

“Turn around. Face the wall. Hold your hair above your head.” Her butt was toned and as pale an English winter. “Josephine?”


“Are you saying you’re mine?”

“Yes…I belong to you. I love you. I’m yours…”

“Keep holding your hair…don’t let go no matter what, okay?”

“Okay.” I took her hard nipple between my fingers and pinched it…she gasped.

“Don’t let go…” I carried on pinching her nipple. I twisted it.

“Ouch…” I bit her neck…I bit for a long time…hard enough to leave a mark…if she was mine, then she was mine and I’d mark her. She didn’t let go her hair…

“Good girl, tilt your head the other way…” I bit the other side of her neck in the same way…I twisted and pinched her other nipple as I bit…there were red marks where I’d bitten her…I gave her the pleasure of a little pain. No woman had given herself to me in such a sudden and total fashion…it didn’t seem real…

“Now turn so you’re side on to me, do it now.” I sucked on my fingers.

“Yes, Jack,” again she did as she was told. The romance of her devotion again swept through me like a wave. I put one finger in her backside and one in her pussy. “Oh…” her breath quickened. I pulled her up like that until she was on the tip of her toes…

“Does that hurt?” I asked. Her cunt grew wetter…the inside of her began swell.

“Yes…yes…it does…I like it…”

“Tell me what you are…”

“I’m whatever you want me to be.”

“You’re a cheating little whore.”

“What?” she seemed shocked.

“Say it!” I demanded.

“I’m a cheating little whore,” my fingers moved inside her.

“You’re a filthy little slut.”

“I’m your filthy little slut.”

She was taking her the kink of it even further. Every second I could feel myself falling for her. I let her go…took her by the throat and kissed her hard again. Her open mouth…her wet strawberry tasting kisses filling the void Almera had left. “Get down on all fours…and crawl to your trousers.”

She did as she was told. Her naked body called to mine like a harbour in a storm.

“Call your husband,” I said to her. She looked at me. I stood over her and turned her head back with my hands: “Call your husband.”

I took my clothes off as she rang him. “Hi honey…” she said a little breathless. I pushed her flat to the floor.

“How come you’re calling?” I heard him ask. I ground my hard cock over her gorgeous ass. Skin on skin…flesh on flesh… that tender touch…that lover’s caress. I bit her neck again…but she didn’t make a sound…

“I can’t call later now. I’m tired.”

“You out of breath?” he asked.

“Yes I’ve been for a run.”

I eased myself…deep inside his unfaithful wife…it was a domination I’d never felt in my life. It was like nectar to me. Her submission a heaven to me. A dark and beautiful paradise.

“A run is it?” he asked.

“Okay no…I’m…I’m touching myself…dreaming of a hard dick…hmmm…if only you could come here…come deep inside…”

“You’re a bad…bad girl…” he whispered.

“Oh you have no idea how bad…” she moaned as I pounded her again and again. “Just needed to hear your voice…got to finish myself…bye.”

“Love you…bye, can’t wait ’til you come home,” he said with me deep…deep inside his wife.

“God Jack…you’re cruel…”

“And you’re as sweet as honey.”

“I am for you…”

“I’m going to come inside you…you know that,” she was so hot to me…I suddenly didn’t care if she had my baby. It was as though Almera’s spell dissolved before her submission.

“Good…come deep inside…fill me up.”

The carpet burned against my knees and time fled from my mind…her surrender was mine…her surrender divine…soon she was too much to resist I came hard inside her…she let out a little scream of delight.

“Thank you,” she said to me. It blew me away. Almera always acted like I should thank her…Almera always wanted me to chase her. Like Beth had always wanted me to chase her: “Thank you,” Josephine said to me as we lay huddled on my bedroom carpet. She broke off and started to dress.

“You going?” I asked.

“Yes…that what you do isn’t it? At least that’s what Danni and Pheobe said.”

“Oh they talked.”


“Well…I want you to stay.”

“You do?” she smiled.

“Yes…get in my bed or lose me forever.”

She shot into the bed like a flash. “It smells of you,” she said. Only her eyes poked from under the covers: “I can’t believe it…can I sleep here?”

“Yes…I want you to sleep here. I want you to stay and play.”

“I think I might burst.”

More soon xxx

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