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The Facility

It is a year ago. The tyres of my old Lexus crunch on gravel as I study a badly lit industrial building. It’s walls are concrete, sheer and foreboding. I cock my head. I’ve been hearing rumours of this place all day. In a black bomber jacket, by a fire door there is an old thug smoking. As I push the button my car window hums open and his ash blows away on the nippy wind.

“Is this the Facility?” I ask him.

“It’s my Facility…”

“Is it really?” I tease. He narrows his eyes. I should watch my mouth. If I pick on him too much he might not let me see what’s inside and I am so very curious…I’m feeling playful…

“Park there,” he says pointing.

“Ok…” I have to admit my heart is racing. This is fascinating…I’d had no idea this was here and so close to my home. I remove my black leather gloves and take my black daysack from the passenger seat. Inside the handcuffs clank against the metal studs of the dog collar. The thug owner opens the door for me.

“Tea and coffee on the first floor mate. Help yourself.”

“Thank you very much.” I walk up a cold steel staircase to the first floor wondering if she’ll be here yet.

She is Chloe, she is a new one. Her eyes are large and hypnotic. A fringe covers her forehead and dark hair cascades down to her butt. I like her. She thinks she’s a badass. She likes to be watched and her pussy tastes of the chocolate body butter she fingers herself with…she isn’t here, she probably got held up having a three way with her lesbian lovers. Friendly girls who’d given me cake…not very attractive though. I drop my bag in the large lounge and I frown.

The hairs on my neck stand up…a sixth sense…a warning…an instinct honed in combat…there is something very wrong here…or someone. My curiosity is swamped by a foreboding…a cold and certain knowledge of a malice in the room.

“Hello, Jack. How’s it going?”

It’s not Chloe…it’s not the threat either. It’s a naked transsexual whose name eludes me. Her dick hangs between her legs, she pushes her tits up as she walks towards me. “I want to feel your breasts…” I tell her without preamble.

“Go for it gorgeous…”

The truth is I’m more interested in casually scanning the other guests and need to look over her shoulder. “They’re wonderful,” I whisper in her ear as she kisses my neck. Absently my other hand teases her dick. But my my mind is far away…my eyes alert to danger…she tries to put her tongue in my mouth and it blocks my view…

“Why don’t you be a good girl and fetch me a coffee?” I say.

“Okay…” I pat her bum as she leaves.

There is something not right here…it’s hard to pin it down with all the distractions…a pretty girl in a corset is getting fucked by a strange wooden machine in a corner…her boyfriend is being wanked off by a man in a dress…a dominatrix is varnishing a wooden paddle covered in giant spikes…she hisses at me and I ignore her…it’s not her, but someone here is not right.

A dwarf is carried passed me by a leather clad giant who calls himself ‘The Daddy’. I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. We glare at each other as he leaves…but it’s not ‘The Daddy’ who is bothering me. He is nothing…my eyes scan the faces in the room…there is a malice here I can smell it. It doesn’t make sense to my rational mind…but I know it’s here.

The transsexual returns with my coffee. “Would you like to go somewhere private?”

“No,” I tell her. “I’m busy.”

“Maybe later?”

“I’m with someone tonight.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I said no. Go away.” I hadn’t meant to be harsh. She looked upset. Aah well… I had to find out what had my hairs on end. I don’t get spooked for no reason…I’ve seen things…sometimes you just know.

The air inside the building is cold and the cheap bitter coffee offends my taste buds…I scarcely notice and swallow it all in seconds. My eyes fix upon an old woman, sitting in the corner. She is knitting a hat and she is sweating in the cold air. She hasn’t seen me. But it’s her. There is something wrong with her…I know it…I didn’t expect if from someone that ancient and feeble. The sweat pours off her for no visible reason…like that suicide bomber I saw on a training video…the stupid one who only managed to kill himself.

“Hi Jack…” It’s Chloe, she smells of tiger lilies. She kisses my cheek. All eyes turn to look at her because she is the prettiest girl here.

The old woman turns to look at her…no stare at her…the way a cat stares at a mouse…the way a hangman stares at the noose…instinctively I stand between them, forcing the old woman to look at me. For no reason I understand I know the old woman has killed before. She looks at me as if to say: “What are you going to do about it?”

I walk over, lean in close to her ear and casually whisper: “I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

“I’ll call the police,” she whispers back.

“Not before I cripple you.” She wrinkles her brow and has a think.

“Fine…she belongs to you.”

“Yes, I know. Remember it.” I relax, after all she must be eighty, not so dangerous as she once was. I’m glad the danger was very old or things could have got messy. My playfulness returns.

I turn my back on the old bitch and pull Chloe downstairs. She is a very pretty thing. She looks like a vampire now…her lips are blood red…a corset pushes her breasts together and she has a long flowing black skirt. I’d like to lift it up and fuck her in front of everyone…but I get distracted by a little man setting fire to people. They seem to like it…

“I want a go!” says Chloe.

“Yes, lets,” I say.

I strip off my shirt, a layer of fat has covered my six pack, too much wine and cheese at Christmas. I lie on a bed in a cage, as Chloe borrows flash cotton from the man who insists we call him the ‘Fire Hobbit’. The flash cotton burns very quickly and leaves heat marks on your skin so you can make pretty patterns. It’s also an excuse for Chloe to touch me. When she touches it gives me shivers…when she burns me it gives me fires. My body hairs singe and a red flower is burnt into my back. It doesn’t hurt and I savour the moment.

When I open my eyes a woman steps in front of me…a man bends her over an iron bar and starts to fuck her. She’s looking me in the eye while it happens. I’d like to smash Chloe in the same way. Suddenly Chloe pinches me…

“Don’t stare Jack it’s rude!”

“Is it?”

“Lets go upstairs…” She seems genuinely cross. I appear to have committed some social indiscretion. But like most men I have no idea what I just did. As we walk up the cold steel staircase passed the lounge and kitchen, I again start to think how I’d like lift up Chloe’s skirt and fuck her. Fuck her in front of everyone…own her in front of everyone… I have to remember that that is why I’m here. But again I get distracted.

Upstairs we walk by two medical tables, they smell of ether…suddenly in my mind I’m back in Afghanistan and they’re covered in blood and bodies, for the first time I clearly remember fucking the doctor with the pistol….it was after the bodies had gone and the room was clean and smelled of ether…then I can see the bodies again.

“I thought I was playing cards…” I mumble. “I was…playing cards.”

“Jack, Jack…” a hand is waving in front of my face. It’s Chloe…I’m in an English Fetish Club. “You okay?”

“I’m not into this medical room.”

“Are you sure?” I’m asked by a man in green surgeons overalls, “I’m about to give my wife an enema if you’d like to watch.”

“I don’t know what that is,” says Chloe.

“I’m sure,” I say.

I drag Chloe through to another room, the dwarf is naked and dangling from a cage in the ceiling. ‘The Daddy’ is giving him electric shocks from a tiny taser. I’m trying hard not to snigger. It’s not hard enough.

“Will you stop being rude?” Chloe snaps. She’s starting to annoy me. She’d better let herself get fucked in front of everyone.

“Can I taser your dwarf?” I ask ‘The Daddy’. Its a rare sentence to get to use in this world. I take great pleasure in the opportunity.


“Why not?”

“His name is Kevin,” says ‘The Daddy’

“That’s not an answer.”

“I’m sorry about him,” Chloe says.

“It’s quite alright,” he says to Chloe. “Now listen young man if you want to be a Dom there are rules you have to obey.”

“I think you’re a little confused,” I tell him.

“No there are rules and you need to listen. It’s not a game.”

Clearly he’s never shoved a loaded pistol up a girls cunt. It is a game…a very dangerous game. He doesn’t strike me as fun. That said he is tasering a dwarf dangling from the ceiling. He’s also trying to lord it over me.

“When I Dom someone…and I decide to have rules…then I’ll decide what the fuck they are. Not you,” I tell him in a voice colder than the air.

“Jack, manners! I would never want to be a sub anyway,” says Chloe. My heart breaks, but only a little, I think subs are romantic. I want one…

“You’re a dangerous man,” ‘The Daddy’ tells me.

“You’re soft.” I wrinkle my nose…a disturbing smell is coming from the medical room. We walk away from ‘The Daddy’ to a dungeon, where it does not stink of shit.

In the corner a woman screams, she has been tied to a cross with her legs spread apart and has been whipped to within an inch of her life. The whole arms, legs and back have swollen until they are red. Her master takes her down. There are at least a dozen people in this room involved in some kind of kink. A man is licking the bottom of a red shoe that a tall woman has been standing on him with. Behind her I see a giant metal saw dangling from the wall.

“What the fuck is that for?” Chloe asks.

“I’ve got no idea.” I say.

“Do you want me to walk on your spine for a bit?”

“Yeah okay.” This does hurt…but good hurt…it seems to get rid of some knots like a massage does. A naked obese guy comes to watch…he stinks of BO. It kind of spoils my fun. Behind him the old woman enters the room carrying a knife and glares at Chloe’s back. “Get off me now,” I snap at Chloe.



I rise and snatch the blade from the old woman. “I will fuck you up,” I whisper in her ear.

“It’s just a bit of knife play…” she says loudly.

“I will kill you.” I say just as loud. Half the people in the room stop what they are doing. “Roleplay…” I say smiling. They go back to minding their own business.

“Touché,” whispers the old woman. “Can’t blame me for trying….” She totters off. Some people…

“Are you going to have sex with that old woman?” Chloe asks.


“You seem quite close.”

“We are not close.” Stupid girl.

“You haven’t given her the knife back.”

“It’s mine now,” I tell her.

“You can’t just take her knife, it’s rude.”

“I’ll do whatever I like.” I’m going off Chloe quickly…will I never find a new love? Her lesbian lovers arrive and she starts to spank one in the corner. I’d been hoping to fuck her before they got here, but now they are here I’m relieved.

I still want to fuck someone…I return to the lounge area…another pretty girl is in a corset…an African with long frizzy hair and big breats…I decide I want to fuck her…and I smile…

“What’s your kink?” she asks me. I remove the dog collar on a lead from my bag and place it around her throat…

“Guess…” I say.

“Oh…you want me to be your dog…” she gets on all fours and starts to bark.

“Not exactly no…” I’m disappointed. But I have a sudden masculine urge to fuck her anyways. To dominate her in front of all these people. I lift up her skirts…I don’t know what she smells of but it’s musky…it’s exotic…it’s erotic…I want to dominate her…she barks like a dog again…that is not erotic…I tug sharply on her lead…and pull her head around…I let her unzip my fly and she starts to suck my dick in front of a half dozen people…it’s good…it makes me feel dominant…but there is something missing…something that’s been missing for a while…something sacred…I’m hard…but it’s because I’ve had viagra…the old woman walks passed brandishing another knife…

“Oh for fuck’s sake…” I stand up and push the dog woman away.

“Where are you going?”

“Stay there, doggy, I’ll be back.”

I pick up the cuffs from my bag and follow the old woman out onto the stairs. It’s cold and I can feel the hate in her…I knock the knife from her hand, sling her over my shoulder and carry her to secluded place in the dark recesses of the club. I cuff her to wall…no one could stop me hurting her now.

“Where are the rest of your knives?”

“That’s all I swear.”

“Do you think I was born yesterday?” I strip off her jacket and it dangles on her wrist against the wall, there are six knives taped to her body.

“What’s your fucking problem?”

Slowly and for the first time…I see a spark of humanity in her eyes. She looks like she’s going to cry. “These pretty little bitches are toying with you.”

“I doubt that.”

“I haven’t been fucked in fourteen years and they’re just taking what they don’t deserve…”

“You’ve killed before haven’t you?”

“How do you know?” she seems shocked.

“I know…I think I’m going to leave you here for the night.” I turn on my heel and start to walk.

“Wait…young man…wait….”

I turn and look at her.

“It was a German in the war.”

“You’re not that old.”

“I was a child and his plane came down in the field…he was wounded and had a knife in his hand…he was too weak to stand…barely conscious…I took the knife off him and stabbed him in the eyeball…it was the first time I got wet…I never told anyone that…and now no-one will fuck me…”

She isn’t lying. This cold and concrete club is blowing my mind.

“So what do you say young man? Will you fuck me?”

There is nothing sacred about this woman. She’s not what I’m looking for either.

“I’m not sure I can,” I tell her, “but if you promise not to kill anyone, I’ll find you someone who will…”

“I promise.”

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5 comments on “The Facility

  1. Harley
    January 2, 2015

    Omg, that was hilarious!


    • dragonslut
      January 2, 2015

      It’s a hilarious place…I’d let you crawl all over it one day…you know if desire is strong enough to cross oceans and all that jazz 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. KatCrimson
    January 2, 2015

    i like the way you paint

    Liked by 1 person

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