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A Love Half Requited

You’re curious aren’t you?

I know how you feel. The curiosity comes before excitement and you want this to be exciting don’t you? Feel it now, feel that time in your life you were most excited, close your eyes, take a moment to remember. What was the sight you saw? What was the sound you heard? What was the taste on the tip of your tongue? How hard did your heart hammer?

We are alike in feelings you and I, my reader. All people are. Our thoughts and actions are wildly different, but our feelings are the same. Not always for the same reasons, not always in the same amounts, but they are the same. Close your eyes and remember now, how hard your heart hammered…

It is exactly the way I felt when I first held a pistol. Bethany put it in my hand. I’d have to fire it and I didn’t know if the safety was off. There was a mob of men looking at us. I heard a petrol bomb explode outside. We were in big trouble.

“Back off,” Bethany said, “back off and sit down. Do as you’re told or I’ll blow you all away.’ She was vicious; they all sat down, apart from one. It was Rory, her brother.

“You wouldn’t hurt your own brother.” He walked towards her brandishing the knife.

“No, I wouldn’t…. Jack, shoot him in the leg.”

I’d never shot anyone before and I didn’t want to do it. But Rory was crazed. So I shot him and his shin exploded. Blood splattered everywhere. He fell screaming to the floor. You could see the bone sticking out, you could see the marrow of the bone. The smell of blood filled the air. It was grim. He let out a cry like a child.

“I’m sorry,” he said to Bethany.

She let out the smallest gasp. “I’d kill the rest of you. Jack, let’s go.”

We exited the pub back to back. It was the first time either of us had held a firearm. But our understanding of each other bordered on telepathic at times. She kept an eye on the mob in the pub while I checked the street. I touched the back of her top and she ran. I covered her for a moment then I followed her. We ran in the opposite direction from the sound of the riot, away from where the petrol bomb had detonated.

We were almost out of sight, when someone shouted: “They’re over there!”

The flames of another petrol bomb exploded, singeing my clothes as I dived to the ground, it wasn’t like the bombs I would hear years later, it had a different sound. Beth stopped dead in her tracks and flicked her head around. It was an image that burned itself into my mind. She was gorgeous, sorceress. She fired her pistol up in the air and the street emptied behind us.

“Get up!”

I rose and ran hard on the tarmacadam. Chasing Bethany, who broke to the left, she’d found an alley and hid behind the shadows to catch her breath. I hid with her, heart hammering hard, like yours hammered…

“You okay?” she asked.

“I’m fine.”

“I thought you were dead. I couldn’t have dealt with it. You’re the man.” She reached out and touched my hand. It gave me goose bumps.

I looked into her eyes, they said: “Kiss me, kiss me now.” So I did. I kissed her hard and quick. I kissed her like she loved to be kissed. My pistol hand supported her waist; my left hand gripped her by the scruff of her neck and pulled her head back. Have you kissed like that? It was passion, we wanted it, right there in that alley. But there was no time. A police siren wailed and there was one, maybe two mobs chasing us. The police weren’t likely to be friendly either. We’d pissed off a lot of people.

“Run,” I said.

We dashed out of the alley into a side road keeping to the pavement. Suddenly a riot van screeched round the corner.

“Over the fence!” I shouted as I launched Bethany into a garden over the five foot planks of wood. I looked over my shoulder as an armed policeman jumped out of the back of the van, he tripped and landed on his back. I pointed my pistol at him for half a second then fired it high into the air. He knew I could have killed him as he lay there. Just as he could have killed me as I scrambled over the fence.

Bethany waited, eyes wide, we scrambled over to the next garden and the next. The police not far behind, just getting into the first garden. I looked round desperate for a way out. I shot the lock off the back door to a house, booted it open. “Get inside!” I screamed.

Then I crouched, creeping out the back gate of the garden, dragging Bethany who closed the gate softly behind us. We crept through into another alley. The policemen made lots of noise as they threatened the family inside the house; meanwhile we made a quick escape. We were very young and light on our feet.

There was a brief second of smugness. You know, that superior feeling we all get when we outwit someone? A wry smile crept up my face. It didn’t last, it was too exciting, and Bethany and I still had to escape. We crept into another side road and straight into another alley between two rows of gardens. I tried a gate, it was locked, and we carried on, creeping into the shadows, trying hard to be quiet.

The adrenaline was pumping. You know exactly how it felt. You might think you don’t, but you very definitely do. It is the same as creeping in after midnight when you’d told your parents you’d be home before ten. It is the same as playing hide and seek, when someone is a hairs breadth from finding you. It is the same as watching a horror movie when the villain is so close to finding a victim. The situation was different, the intensity was different. How it felt was the same.

It was a terrified excitement.

We crept on, through the darkness, the back alley was long but we were near its end. We could hear rioting and sirens fading further in the distance. “We need to find a place to hide,” whispered Bethany, “it’s dangerous.”

“Just a little further,” I said.

“Why not? I love a little danger,” she smiled. She was flirting. It was remarkable. Again she held my hand. Again her touch gave me goose bumps. This time she didn’t let go. She held my hand as we crept towards the end of the alley. I wasn’t focused on anything except her hand…it was electrifying.

Then suddenly, in the half-light, a stranger blocked our path.

“Very clever,” he said. He shouldn’t have stepped out like that.

“What the f…”

Bethany kicked him as I smacked him in the eye with my pistol. The stranger was knocked to the ground, Bethany stamped into his groin twice. I booted him in the head. It was vicious. We ran. The stranger hadn’t done anything wrong. But his timing was awful. He was lucky he wasn’t shot.

That was the first time we met Jake.

We ran as fast as we could to the right, down another side street as people looking scared, stared out of their windows. We zigzagged through the night, away from the riot. Again we cut left, again into a dark back alley, again and again. Far out of sight of the stranger, I tried another gate, it opened and we found ourselves catching our breath, hidden for now in a garden.

I saw a shed and opened it. I closed the door as I pushed Bethany inside, again her eyes were wide.

It felt like the moment I had waited for all my life, in fact I’d wanted it for less than a month. She was just a girl in a shed, a hussy, a troublemaker. For her I’d shot a man, beaten a man and betrayed a friend. I tried one more time to work out why she was worth the trouble. Why? How could I be so stupid?

While looking at her my questions disappeared. Hers was a beguiling beauty. I couldn’t see the wood from the trees and I’m glad I couldn’t. I stopped trying to figure it out and enjoyed it. Have you done that reader? Let yourself go? Surrendered to the majesty of life? It’s easier when you’re younger. You don’t think of the consequences and we were only nineteen.

Some it’s just sex, nothing wrong with that. Other moments you have that urge and it’s mixed with something romantic, or even sacred. It depends how you let yourself go, or if you let yourself go. Bethany needed a release, she was about to let her wild side out, nothing more.

Me however, I was lost in awe. At her, at the universe, I felt blessed to be there. There could have been a zombie apocalypse outside. I wouldn’t have cared she was that attractive to me. All that mattered was her and me in that shed. That was my universe. That was sacred to me. Maybe it still is…

I could smell damp wood, the carbon in the pistol; I could smell sweat and perfume. I could hear distant shouting, a distant siren and the sound of her breathing. It might have been my imagination, it might have been her lip balm, but I could still taste her lips. I could still feel her hand where her hand had held mine. Best of all I could watch her watching me.

I remember she took a deep breath, the curves of her chest pushing against her hooded top. I remember her eyes. She dropped them down for a second and then looked back up. More than any woman…she smouldered.

I tossed my pistol carelessly on the floor. Bethany winced and placed hers on the shelf. “You shouldn’t do that,” she whispered, “it might go off.”

“Oh I thought you liked danger.”

“Oh I love a little danger.”

images (20)

She threw her arms around my neck, as I held her waist and we kissed. As her body pressed against mine I grew harder. My hands were warm as I pushed them inside her top and over her bra…but her hands were cold on my face. Her fingers below my ears heightened the shivers that now shot through my spine….

“Down,” she told me, “on your knees.”

I wasn’t used to girls being bossy. The others had been shyer, more eager to please me. I wasn’t used to girls being bossy, but I loved it…

So she slipped off her trainers and wriggled out of her jeans…I pulled off my hoodie and t-shirt and knelt before her. I could feel a splinter in my knee. I didn’t care. It was her sweat and perfume that dominated my senses now…and a faint hint of tobacco.

My hands ran up and down her legs…I kissed and lightly bit the inside of her thighs. I’m a selfish lover, but I wanted to impress her. I had to fight the urge to rip off her knickers and start pounding away…I was not up for this being a one time only deal. I wanted to rock her world. So I took my time…kissing the inside of her thigh… she wasn’t impressed… she grabbed a fistful of my hair and stared me dead in the eye.

“Don’t take all day to get to the goodies,” she said.

“Wicked,” I thought…

“Let me slip out of these, maybe you’ll get the picture.” Her knickers came off, my dick tried to rip through the denim of my jeans… I buried my head between her legs, she tasted faintly of sweat, but mostly of woman and she wasn’t done being bossy…

“There, lick me right there,” she pointed with her finger, “tease it…good boy….oh.”

She started to breathe heavy… there was pain from the splinter in my knee…pain from her tugging at my hair and digging her nails into my scalp… I don’t know how long I was down there…. maybe five minutes, maybe twenty…it was time out of mind, wine from the vine….I wanted the release that all men want….

“You’re wet,” I told her, catching my breath.

“You don’t talk,” she slapped my face hard…I suddenly had no more wish to be dominated… I didn’t want her to think I was a pussy. I stripped. I took out the foil packet and stood. I tore it open…

“Oh boy, is this how you take control,” she teased me; “I’m on the pill.”

I tossed the packet aside. No one had mocked me during sex before….it was like listening to a harlot….I’d grow to love girls like that…I was in awe… I turned her around and looked at her bum… it was a beauty; I can see it even now… whose bum can you still see? You know exactly what I mean reader; it’s the one you’re thinking of right now…

I bent her over, she leaned against a wall and she guided me in with her hand…. I love that moment…feeling a woman’s wetness against your skin…. normally I take a moment to savour it and I start off gentle… not this time.

I gave it to her hard…straight away. “Be gentle,” she said.

“This is how I take control,” I said grabbing a fistful of her hair.

“It hurts, you bastard.” I didn’t care; it was a dance of domination…I was the man and I wasn’t going to lose…besides it didn’t hurt her for long, she soon shuddered in pleasure as I thrust away…again and again..

Soon standing was awkward, I slipped out, I pushed her hard to the floor… “Splinter,” she said as though she were in a faraway place. I was at a sexual crescendo… if the heavens had exploded and rained fire I would’ve ignored it until I was finished…I pressed her flat against the floorboards using my strength and weight to stop her wriggling…

All my senses were swamped…just as yours were…when you were this turned on…. you could smell the sweat; you could hear the ragged moans and breathing… you could see her dark hair contrasting against the white skin of her face… her lips pouted and then hung open as she tried to breathe… you could drink in her sighs…and capture the memory of being deep inside…

I could taste her on my tongue… I could feel the skin of her thighs brushing mine…you could feel the tight wetness between her legs…you could feel her muscles twitch… and watching her pout again and again… time after time…it became too hard, too much to bear and I had to let myself go…

It was a few seconds of bliss and release, I felt like God… it was a moment of completion that inevitably came crashing back to reality about six seconds later…

“Splinters,” she said between breaths, “messy.” Her face was red…

It was all I could do to grunt. Her eyes glazed over for a minute then she wiped herself on the sleeve of my hoodie.

“Messy,” she said again.

There are moments of clarity a young man has after sex, moments free of desire. “I’ve just shot her brother,” I thought. “I’m going to jail.” It didn’t bother me though. I was a bit young to understand. Full of bravado.

“It’s cold,” Bethany said. We dressed quickly; our eyes accustomed to the dark. I could feel the wet patch on my arm. Reality was coming back alright.

“You shot my brother. He came at me with a knife, a knife Jack.” Her voice trembled. I sat with my back to the wall of the shed, she sat with her back to me and I held her. She was considerably calmer than most girls would have been. But it must have been awful.

She dug her elbow into my ribs: “You shot my brother. He wouldn’t have stabbed me.” She dug her elbow into me again.

“He would have and he could have got shot dead if he went out there,” I said.

“Oh so you were doing him a favour?”

“Yes,” I was very calm; she had a lot to figure out.

“Sorry,” she said, “oh god I had him shot, I’m such a bitch.”

“I love you,” I told her.

“Don’t Jack…not right now.” A love half requited.

She fell silent, I was hungry, and my eyelids grew heavy, too heavy to lift. The man sleep was upon me. THe last thing I saw was her bitter sweet smile and then off, off I did drift…

More tomorrow xxx

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