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Red Riding Hood

It was yesterday, two days after Christmas Day. Snow covered the ground, ice froze on the windows of cars and the foxes yapped as they tried to get into the bins. Then the ritual began, my yearly horror, the family droves descended into my two bedroomed apartment. There were five siblings, their lovers, two grumpy Aunts and Uncles and my divorced, but loving parents. They ate all of my food, drank all my wine and questioned my life choices. This was whilst refusing to let me blog, insulting each other and trying to see who was the best at complaining. I love them, but after 24 hours I began to wish the ground would swallow me up. Then as suddenly as they’d arrived it was over. I was free..and considerably less wealthy.

Immediately I was feeling mischievous…yes,yes…I was feeling dirty if you want to put it crudely…I like feeling dirty. Don’t you? You know…in those moments where you secretly believe you’re the kinkiest person on the planet…and that nobody else has a clue what runs through your filthy little mind. Yes I was feeling like that…and you know exactly what I mean, don’t you reader? I was hot under the collar…I wanted blow off steam…I wanted a little fun. My body was reacting to the sudden breath of freedom…what is it that gives you a release?

“Hmmm…what to do…what to do?” I pondered to myself. “I know,” I thought, “I’ll whore myself to a woman and then buy some more wine. After all everyone likes some Christmas loving, this is a big city and some girl is bound to be lonely.”

Yes I should probably tell my sexual psychologist how badly behaved I am. Oh well, I’ll see her soon.

I put an advert with my picture online…within seconds there was a reply, a flurry of messages through the ether. I couldn’t wait…I tidied my apartment, dropped some viagra, took a shower and all the while my heart beat harder and faster. What would she be like? The thrill of not knowing turns me on… I sent my usual prayer to the heavens that she wouldn’t stink or be a cry baby. That she would be wild, wet and beautiful…my prayers were answered…sort of…I could’ve been more specific.

I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, in the cosy warmth of my apartment. So the cold wind bit, when I stuck my head into the freezing air outside…to see, wrapped up in her cute winter clothes, a heavenly vision bopping her pretty blonde head towards me…

“Hello, you must be Michelle.”

“Yes I am. Hello Jack.”

“You look like Red Riding Hood.” She had bright red lipstick and, you guessed it, a red hood, set against a pale face and narrow blue eyes. Her nose was tiny. I felt like the Big Bad Wolf about to gobble her up.

“Oh yes…I did it on purpose for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I love it…come on in.”

She stepped into the apartment…she looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. A picture of complete innocence. I felt like the luckiest man on Earth…she was going to pay me? How? My heart stopped for a moment I was so flattered…this was Karma thanking me for hosting the family. It was a cosmic justice…surely she could pull anyone she wanted? “Holy smokes…” I muttered.


“Oh…nothing. Can I fetch you a drink?” I asked as I took her coat.

“Just a little water to wet my lips…” she cocked her head and smiled. She was slim, her waist narrow and her small pert breasts pushed against her red top. “This is a nice place and I didn’t expect you to be so pretty.”

“Oi…” I growled playfully, “I’m ruggedly handsome.” I was getting hard just from watching her mouth. Watching the water wet her lips. My heart beat pounded from somewhere deep inside…I couldn’t believe my luck. “This is a Christmas miracle,” I thought to myself. The breath catching in my throat.

“Do you do this often?” she asked.

“Occasionally…if I’m in the mood. You?”

“I’ve never done this before, I always wanted to…I had fantasies…I’m so bad, honestly you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Oh I might…” I whispered with a smile.

“What did you want to do?” she asked.

“It’s really up to you isn’t it?” I said.

“Is it?” she grinned. She looked at my left eye, then my right, then dropped her gaze to the floor. It was a sensual gesture. Irresponsible…irrepressible…irresistible…I had to kiss her…she tasted like mint. She was delightful…delectable. You could smell the Dolce and Gabanna. She threw her arms around my neck. Her fingers were like popsicles that sent tingles shivering into my spine.

“Fucking strangers turns me on, Jack. Lets go for it, hard right now, do whatever you like to me…I’m totally defenceless anyway…” she whispered. So brave…so reckless. That butter, that wouldn’t have melted in her mouth a few moments earlier, now began to sizzle…

images (17)

“You don’t have to tell me twice…” I pushed her hard to the floor, on the carpet beneath the plastic Christmas tree Almera had bought long ago. I was tearing off her water stained Ugg boots and jeans inside of five seconds.

“Easy wolfie…easy…” she gasped.

I shut her up with a kiss, and lowered my hand to her knickers. They were already sopping wet. She must have been dripping with anticipation before I’d laid eyes on her… I couldn’t resist tasting my fingers…she tasted sweeter than most girls…she’d probably been eating chocolate…I was pulling off her knickers and burying my head between her legs… thrusting my tongue inside and out of her…then flicking little circles around her clit. It was natural. It was instinct…I fantasised that I had ambrosia, the nectar of the gods to eat out from between her thighs…moments later she seemed to explode…little fireworks going off inside of her.

“Jesus…fucking…christ!” As the carpet burnt my elbows, she arched her back and shook like a leaf. She moaned in pleasure for a few moments. She was slapping me away, knocking a golden bauble from the tree…she looked like a Jezebel Angel. “How did you do that?”


“A tinned pudding?”

“Not exactly, but close enough.” I smiled, rubbing my elbow.

“I’m so sorry I should have pleasured you first…”

“You have pleasured me…”

“You came?” her mouth dropped open. Her teeth pearly white.

“No, not yet,” I chuckled.

“Good! Lie down and let me ride you.” She ripped off the rest of her clothes, opened a foil packet for protection…guided me inside and began to ride. Her breasts…her nipples…her narrow waist… her arching back swallowed my mind whole and blew it like angels in the soul. I tossed her off and pinned her face first to the floor. Dominating her, taming her…mastering her, if only for the hard steel of the moment. Her muscles spasmed as I pounded her again and again. Then I came. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…”

“Don’t stop!” she told me, “use your hands.” All I wanted was to curl up in a ball and sleep. But she was paying…so my fingers blasted inside of her pussy. Already swollen and dripping wet from the sex… “It’s going to happen…I’m going to come everywhere. It’s going to squirt. Fuck…fuck….ohhhh fuuuck…” The liquid hit my face and we collapsed together into a heap on the floor.

“Fuck…I really like you,” she swore.

“I like you too. Will you see me again?”

“I’d love too…” for a moment we snuggled. “I can see you in the week, what are you doing New Year’s?” she asked.

“Don’t know yet.”

“Can I come?”

I looked at the stain she’d left on the floor. “Yes you can,” I said.

“I bet you’ve never seen a girl do that before…”

“Well actually…”

“Oh shut up you…that’s my party trick,” she giggled.

“Do you go to a lot of parties?”

“Shut up!” she said as she punched me in the shoulder. “I’d better get dressed and go.”

“Yes, okay.” I didn’t want her to go, it made me sad, but I didn’t want to push it.

“Your advert said something about paying me…”

My mouth dropped open in shock. “Oh no it didn’t.”

“Yes it did, look I’ll show you on my phone. I would’ve asked for the money first but I liked you too much…”

“That’s what I would’ve done, but I liked you too much…” I replied.

“Look here’s your ad..vert,” she looked at her phone and realisation dawned on her face, “oh my sweet god…I’m so sorry…it’s my first time escorting…oh what a mess.” Red Riding Hood turned bright red and flapped her hands in fright. “Oh my god please don’t murder me!”

“Do you think I’m going to gobble you up?” I teased, “I like you, I think we should go for a coffee.”

“You’re not mad…”

“I’m not mad,” I said. She smiled again and took a breath.

“I like you too…”

“So we’re still on for coffee?”

“Yes, let’s tell people that’s how we met…” she pleaded.

“Yes, lets…”

“And you won’t speak a word of this to anyone?”

“No, I promise,” I said thinking of you, the reader. Writing isn’t speaking, is it? Red Riding Hood needs to read the small print, doesn’t she?…and besides, I love you…

I’ll write another two in the next 24 hours….to make up for lost time xxx

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4 comments on “Red Riding Hood

  1. blondevampire
    December 29, 2014

    Love it!

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  2. Harley
    December 29, 2014

    The face, hey?


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