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A Moment of Domination

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in the apartment I shared with Almera. You know the kind don’t you reader? I lay sprawled across the soft cushions of the sofa. Cartoons of three-fingered yellow men filled the T.V, cars honked on the street outside and heady aromas drifted into the lounge from the kitchen. There was fresh garlic, coriander and a pot of thick black coffee. Almera was doing what she loved to do…cooking. Cooking up a storm, a feast for my mouth only. It was something she did nearly everyday, it was her passion and a great jewel of the life we shared together. I was bored…I’d had a tasty meal everyday for weeks. But it was more than a week since we’d had sex.

“Nearly ready…” she brightly said from the kitchen.

I grunted at her.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, lots of men would kill to be fed as well as you.”

“Not if they’re not getting laid.”

“Excuse me?” she snapped.

“You heard.”

“Is that all you think about?” She stormed into the lounge pointing a fork. Almera was feisty, she had a temper.


“After all this effort I’ve gone too, after moving here, for you. Do you seriously think you can talk to me like that?”


“I did all of this for you, bastard!” She threw the fork at me. I snatched it from the air and glared at her.

“Not much point if we’re not fucking…” I said. She flew across the lounge and tried to slap me, I stood and caught her arm as easily as I’d caught the fork. I was used to her tantrums. “Not much point if we’re not fucking…” I snarled. Physically dominant…staring down at her…pinning her arms.

“I do all this to make you happy! I live to make you happy!” She struggled in my hard grip. Trying to wriggle free and slap me.

“You’re wasting your time. Fucking makes me happy.”

“Women need more than more than fucking…you great ape. We like romance and cuddles and…”

“I’m not a woman,” I growled. We stared furiously into each others eyes. She jutted out her chin. “I’m not a woman,” I growled again. “If you want to be mine…you’d better fuck for it bitch.”

She gasped. The fight went out of her. She blinked, a tear fell from her eye, I let her go.

“I just wanted to make you happy,” she snivelled.

“Fucking makes me happy. You can put out or get out.”


“Do you want this relationship?”

“Yes, I love you. I did all this for you.”

“Then fuck for it bitch or you’re wasting your time.”

“Fucking? That’s what it is to you is it?”


“Fine…whatever…do whatever you want to me. I just want it to go back to the way it was.” She wiped away a tear.

I dragged her by the hair to the kitchen. “Turn off the stove.”

“It will ruin dinner.”

“Almera. Turn. Off. The. Stove.”

She turned it off.

I dragged her by her hair into the bedroom. “Pull the sex drawer out and empty it on the floor,” I said.

“But it will make a mess…” she had a mild case of OCD.

“Almera. Pull. It. Out!” She did as she was told. “Empty it on the floor…”

“But…” she hated making a mess. It would be humiliating for her.

“Now!” She tipped the contents on the floor. Paddles, whips, cuffs, blindfolds, vibrators, chains, zip ties…a drawer of delicious kink. It got me rock hard. There’s is nothing that turns me on more than a submissive woman…especially when she was so dominant around others. I love a submissive woman.

“Are you happy now?” she asked.

“No,” I reached a hand under her bra, gripped her left breast, pinching the nipple. “To be honest, you’re nothing more than a piece of meat to me right now…”

“What? Jack? What? Ouch! Are you not even going to kiss me?”

“No. If you wanted romance, you would have put out yesterday. Now pull down your leggings and bend over the bed,” she did as she was bid. Her short black knickers left plenty of cheeks exposed.

“Happy yet?” she turned her head to face me.

“No I’m not.”

With one hand I forced her face to the duvet, with the other I pulled her knickers down and gave her the spanking she deserved…lightly at first, alternating between each cheek…until that beautiful caramel skin began to glow red…slowly she began to moan. I slapped that pretty arse, the prettiest I’d ever seen, harder and harder. She began to gasp with each slap. She moaned, lost in the pleasure of pain, in the treasure of torment. Believing that any moment now, I would fuck her and end this…

She believed wrong. I sucked on my finger…and thrust it into her butt. She gasped again. I’d never done that to her before.No one had. It was a virgin arse. She was proud of that. Not any more.


Stop wasn’t the danger word and she knew it. I bit her neck, my finger still inside her, where nothing had been before.

“Oh my god…oh my god…oh my god…” she moaned.

“Your body belongs to me.”


“Say it!”

“My body belongs to you,” she whispered.

“I know. Good girl.”

“I’m scared,” she whispered.

“You should be.”

Scared wasn’t the danger word either…I reached for the whip and began to punish her. Again and again the whip cracked as it stung the naked meat of her flesh, she cried out every time…I stopped when tears came from her eyes.

“Happy yet?” she snivelled.

“No, strip off the rest of your clothes and kneel.”

“Okay,” she said kneeling and exposing her pert breasts. I slapped her. She liked that in kinky play.

“You don’t say okay…you say, YES SIR!” I slapped her again.

“Yes Sir…sorry Sir.” She knelt naked before me…I stood fully clothed…she reached for my cock.

“No…I don’t think so.” I slapped her hand away and reached for the blindfold. I tied it about her face so she could not see…I cuffed her wrists behind her back so she could not resist…I cuffed her ankles so she could not move…and then I plugged her ears and blocked her nose. The only sense left to her now was touch…with her other sense dulled her sense of touch was heightened…it was a trick Mary had taught me…she shivered in anticipation. I did the cruellest thing I could think of, I went to the kitchen and drank my coffee.

“Jack…Jack…where are you?”

images (19)

I picked the pieces of succulent chicken from the dinner, returned to the bedroom with a carving knife and studied her. Dark hair, shivering caramel brown skin. A picture of perfection, a torrent of temptation. She liked knife play, she’d turned me on to it…but we’d never done it blindfolded. She had no idea what was coming. I removed a plug from one ear.


“Stay perfectly still…” I plugged her ear again. So the only sense she had was touch.

“Yes Sir,” I ran the flat of the blade over the little kink in her nose…and by her eyes…a tear fell onto the blade and when I put it into my mouth it tasted of salt…the knife was going down to her throat…down further I twisted the knife…so the point pricked the skin of her shoulder…I drew a little blood on the blade…I put it in my mouth…you could taste the iron in her blood…I circled each breast…I caressed each breast…she shivered and struggled for breath…slowly…oh so slowly I ran the tip of the blade over her flat belly and down to her dripping wet cunt…she dripped onto the blade…and again I put it in my mouth.

Only then…with the tears, the blood and her juices on my tongue did I kiss her…she smiled a filthy smile and I let her enjoy the moment…because what happened next would hurt a little.

Still fully clothed I took my cock out…soaked it until it was dripping wet with lube. Then I pushed her to the floor…dragged her cuffed hands up her back until her shoulders ached…and she moaned…how she moaned…before I parted her cheeks and fucked her in a tight little hole no-one had fucked before…

“It hurts…fuck…fuck…fuck…it hurts…”

Those weren’t the danger words either. So I fucked her and it hurt her and she came…twice…as I reached around and teased her clit. Again and again, I pounded her arse as she screamed out louder and louder…I fucked her harder and harder and I finally came deep inside her. A place where no one had come before.

I uncuffed her and we lay silently in each others arms for an hour. Before finally she mumbled something to me.

“Am I really just a piece of meat to you Jack?”

“Yes,” I lied. She was my sun, my moon and my starlit sky. I would have risked all for her. I would have died.

More later tonight or tomorrow xxx

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5 comments on “A Moment of Domination

  1. Harley
    December 29, 2014

    I like my coffee black


  2. Harley
    December 29, 2014

    btw, that was just mean, I really liked yesterdays 😛


    • dragonslut
      December 30, 2014

      Why? And which gave you the most tingles?


      • Harley
        December 30, 2014

        It wasn’t so much about tingles 😛


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