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A Body’s Betrayal

It’s said that a man is only after one thing. That’s not true. Our dicks are only after one thing and they never tire of telling us. But we have a heart, a soul and a mind and they want other things. That said; if you flirt with a man you want to have sex with, then you’re on the way to winning his heart. At least that’s what I’m like, can’t speak for all of us. It might be the caveman in me.

We had withdrawn all our cash. We’d got room in an Inn that was hundreds of years old. There were five rooms, built for travelling horsemen in days long gone. Below there was a bar and a restaurant. The scents of the kitchen wafted up to our room, beef, garlic and coriander.

I’d just taken a shower. I’d been in it for nearly an hour, enjoying the warm water rushing down my skin. You know what I mean? Taking in the flowery smell of the shampoo and soap, taking your time to refresh and relax. I’d stank from the chase on the woods, from carrying Bethany for miles, so I enjoyed my shower, its good when you feel really refreshed, like your skin has breath. My feet squished the soft warm carpet.

While I showered Beth secretly ordered me a steak with a peppercorn sauce. It’s also said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s not far wrong. It was delicious. It was my favourite food. It made me drool inside, like your favourite food does. As if I wasn’t captivated enough. The tension had been building all day. The anticipation was overwhelming.

If I could last the night without giving in to her advances, it would be an epic feat. There was still a bit of that Romeo and Juliet dream in me, that old romantic and I didn’t want to cheat. If I could persuade Beth and Ally to fall in love with each other that would be ideal. The thing was they loathed each other.

There was only one bed.

Bethany was in it.

I’d never cheated before.

But it wasn’t like we hadn’t made love before.

It was awkward.

If she was shy it wouldn’t have mattered. But she was confident. Even with the day old bullet wound to her calf, she oozed sensuality. She lay on her back, her good leg naked above the sheets. “Don’t you want me Jack?” she said as she put her finger in her mouth and fluttered her eyelashes.

She could see what it was doing to me…she was loving it…my body was betraying me…it was because it was the wrong thing to do…that’s what turned me on…that and we might have died the next day…we were on the run…Bethany was as hot as desert sun…and I’m a bastard…and her mouth was dying to be kissed…her lips impossible to resist…

“I won’t tell Jack…”

“Stop it.”

“I can’t.”

“Stop,” I walked over to the bed. I was inches from her face. “Stop.”

She put her hands on my neck…her skin on my skin…you know how it feels to be touched behind the ear. “One kiss…just one kiss on the mouth.”

“Then you’ll stop.”

“I promise.”

Her kiss was like witchcraft…mouth on mouth…tongue on tongue…I hadn’t lasted five minutes…never mind all night…she started to shake…so did I…that tension from being hunted…it had coiled deep inside…it started to come undone…the intensity…the passion of being on the run…we shared a bond as tight as anyone…as tight as any you have done.

I felt beneath the sheets…she hadn’t any clothes on…it was wrong…I touched her there…I was hard…she was inviting….

“You should stop before I get wet Jack…I’m sure my pussy is forbidden to you…I don’t think Ally will approve.”


She laughed. “Oh come on Jack…I love you.”

“Shut up…” she’d never said that when I was single.

I was angry with myself…but the smell of jasmine…her skin…the lamplight…she’d done everything right…my fingers inside her…my mouth wanted to taste her…but Ally was inside my mind…Ally understood what I wanted to be…she was the cream of the cream now…she was…she was not touching me now…that was Beth’s hand making me hard…I imagined Ally was touching me too…

“We should stop…” I whispered.

“Yes…we should stop.”

We didn’t…

Bethany was getting more out of this than me…her deep brown eyes were misty…she whispered again that she loved me…but half my thoughts were of Ally…not in a guilty way…but in a kinky way…I imagined they were kissing each other…the blonde and the brunette…their lips wet…their fingers inside each other…their mouths…their breasts…spreading each other’s legs…so I could come inside.

“Fuck me quickly Jack…I want it now…”

I hadn’t remembered taking my gown off…but I had…and then I was deep, deep inside her…I savoured the moment…Beth was shaking…

“Be quick…my leg hurts…”

I came as quick as I could…it felt good…it hadn’t lasted very long…I hadn’t made love…Beth knew it too. Her eyes were sad. I went to fetch her a tissue.

“Thank you,” she said. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”

“Do you?”

Later I would love her more than I thought possible. But not then. I would have, but I didn’t know what Ally was really like..she was even worse than me. The person who suffered for it was Bethany.

“Yes I do,” I half lied. I ate my steak in a bitter silence. I thought about what I’d done. It had felt wrong. It had hurt Bethany’s leg. So I did it again and again…

Happy Christmas! More tomorrow…

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