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Stand Off in the Sun

The thermometer reads 52 degrees Celsius. It’s midday, the desert in summer, it’s so hot even the flies are hiding from the sun. The land stinks of sand and sweat. The mission is pointless, the insurgents are asleep in their compounds. Not us, all this heat and I’m stood in full battle armour under the raging sun. I’m near blind from an ocean of sweat. It’s the dog days of summer where only mad dogs and Englishmen come out, Englishmen and their interpretors. It’s the kind of heat that sends men mad. Men like my interpreter. He looks at the my rifle, on the ground behind me. His eye starts to flicker. He’s stronger than me and faster.

I’m thinking, “Please don’t jump me.”

My mind flickers to another time and place, years ago, where I first had Almera on her couch. Where she made a speech about what a fantastic lover she was. Her words seducing me as they etched themselves forever in my mind. Her naked caramel body sat astride me as she talked her sweet nothing, the moment ineffable, unforgettable. Both temporary and eternal. Her balm wet lips kissing my mouth as I fell for her charms. She had made me hard and invited me into her body as unknown to me at the time, my soul invited her into my heart.

Back in the desert now. He wants the rifle. He wants to kill. I can smell it on him. The misguided rage oozes from every pore of him. His mind is filled with lies. We don’t know it yet, but another interpretor is working for the enemy. He’s claiming my friend shot a man in cold blood. It’s not true. My friend shot a man who’d shot at him. There’s proof at the camp. We’re not at the camp  The interpretor stares at the rifle. I stare into his eyes. He’s the only Afghan I’ve met who’s stronger or faster than me. It would have to be him wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking, “Please don’t jump me.”

My mind flickers to another time and place, years ago, a moonlit walk on a beach in cool English air. Dancing lights of the town, reds, greens, blues and golds shimmer on the surface of the sea. The waves lap gently on the beach. The breeze kisses your neck. Almera holds my hand. We’ve been together only five months and for the next three I will be away with work. You could cut the atmosphere between us with a knife. It would be daft to stay together. 

“How do you feel?” I ask her. She says nothing for a moment and stares at the sand.

“How do you feel?” she replies. Her face turning to mine.

“I love you,” I tell her for the first time. Suddenly her eyes seem like the tide. All-consuming and infinitely wide.


“Only a little bit,” I tell her. “I don’t want to break up.”

“I love you too Jack…I’ll wait for you forever.”

I’m back in the desert. He takes a step towards me, towards the rifle. There’s a madness in him. It’s the heat, it’s the lies. It’s our friendship put to the test. And he is my friend, more than a friend, he’s a comrade. We’ve seen battle together. We’ve seen a Taliban slaughter. I know he hates the enemy more than me. They beat his brother to death for playing cricket. Beat him to death with his own cricket bat. But there’s a madness in him. Madmen are the hardest to fight and he wants the rifle.

I’m thinking, “Please don’t jump me.”

My mind flicks back, two years ago, Almera in hospital. Screaming, sweating, bleeding and crying. She’s lost our baby. She can’t stop apologising, she’s sure I’ll leave her. She’s sure she’ll be barren forever. She can’t bear for me to even look at her. She no longer feels like a real woman. She feels worthless and tells me she wants to die, that I don’t deserve a wretch like her. That I have finish it with her. I’ve had enough, I snatch her face in my hands. “Oi dickhead,” I snarl, “I’ll be with you forever. I’ll never leave you, I promise, never.”  

Back in the desert. He takes another step closer.

“Stop where you are,” I tell him.

“You killed the fucking dog Agha,” he says to me, “you killed that little fucking dog.”

It was true, I’d shot the puppy. It was foaming at the mouth. The doctor said it had rabies. It was a threat to us all. I’d shot it twice with my pistol, while my friends held the interpreter back. The puppy had stood up after I shot it. So I shot it twice more. It was a brave little thing and it broke my heart. The interpreter didn’t believe in rabies and had cried.

“It was a poor little puppy and you killed it for no reason.”

My flicks back just a few months. I’m kneeling on foot bridge over the Avon. A white gold and diamond ring in my hand. The proposal just seconds out of my lips. Almera slaps me hard in the face.

“You’re a slimy little worm.” It wasn’t the response I’d been expecting. It was a little harsh, we were in the middle of an argument. The night hadn’t been proceeding as I’d planned.  

“Will you marry me?” I ask again.

“You’re a horrible little worm and you don’t deserve someone as good as me.”

“Will you marry me?”

“Do you even love me?” she shouts.

“I’ll love you forever,” I say with a smile. She can’t resist that smile. She gives in.

“Of course I’ll marry you, you horrible little worm. Get back from this war and give me a baby. Promise me, you’ll come back, promise me!”

“I promise.”

And I’m back in the desert. The sweat pouring off me by the litre, a sandstorm brewing on the horizon. My heat maddened interpreter staring at my rifle. Wanting it, needing it, craving an outlet for his anger. For his rage. He’s my friend, but in this moment all he wants to do is kill me.The biceps ripple under his shirt, his eyes glaze over…he’s stronger than me…he’s faster…and I’m thinking…

I’m thinking, “Please don’t jump me…please don’t jump me…I made a promise…so don’t jump me motherfucker… cuz there’s a hunting knife hidden in my hand and I’ll gut you like a fish…I’ll gut you like a fucking fish and there ain’t no way I’m dragging your corpse all the way back to camp. Not in this blasted heat.”

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2 comments on “Stand Off in the Sun

  1. gratia17
    December 23, 2014

    That was awesome! Very well written. 🙂

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