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The Girl on the Ship

In a moment I want you to close your eyes. I want you to remember what it was like for you. Your senses know better than my words can describe. Remember one of those times in your life when you were most turned on… both sexually and emotionally, both tied together in one package with a great godammed bow on…

Remember where you were, remember who you were with, remember their smell. What seduced you? What seduced them?

Remember where they touched you…on your face and your neck and your body. How did it feel? Did it give you shivers? Did you feel it in your heart? Remember what they tasted like. Was anyone wet? Was anyone hard? Did that happen later? Close your eyes and remember the feelings now. Take a moment to let the memory swamp your senses…

That’s the feeling I had with Bethany that moment…

To me it was a romantic heavenly filth, both spiritual and carnal. Temporary in nature, but in my mind it’s eternal.

I’ve been released from hospital. Bethany and I had gotten on the ferry and I’d slept. I was all stiff and bruised. Like the thoughtful creature she was Bethany let her leg go dead again, until eventually she had to wake me.

‘You’ve risked so much for me,’ she said.

‘It’s okay.’ It was. I could’ve kept my feet on the ground. I could’ve stayed down to Earth, but life isn’t lived if you don’t put your head in the clouds. So that’s what I did.

I was falling in love with her and despite my bruises and the other dramas that was the important thing for me. I don’t care what anyone thinks of that. I was getting off on it. All the darker moments were but shadows next to love. I was proper getting off on it. My heart was melting like molasses and I had gone full Romeo.

The more animalistic part of me had an opinion too. It was important to make some really good love again, somewhere on the boat, anywhere on the boat and also immediately…

New couples can be awash with spontaneity. Do you remember the first days of your relationships? The days where you can’t keep your hands from each other? It was like that. It was a chemical reaction, a fascination…

I stood and stretched my muscles. I was still groggy, but not groggy enough to stop myself wanting her. Bethany was tuned into my thinking and she smiled in delight. I looked a fright, so bless her cotton socks.

She rose and stamped her dead leg. Then she pouted and flicked her eyes across the deck. I turned to an old woman and asked her to watch our bags, when I looked back Beth was running out of the room and across the slippery wet deck…

‘Catch her boy,’ the old lady smiled.

‘Careful or I’ll catch you,’ I told her, launching myself out of the glass door and across the bow of the ferry. Bethany disappeared over to portside. I sprinted after her and skidded as I turned the corner, I kept my feet, but lost valuable seconds as she disappeared through a door. My heart began to pound and you could taste the salt on the sea air…

It was a game as old as mankind and as young as spring. If I didn’t catch her, then I wouldn’t have her. When we were little we called it kiss chase….this was the adult version. She was testing my worthiness still, that’s the thing about women, they always will. It’s good, it makes us better men.

Chasing her I found myself in a corridor, she could have gone either way, but I was lucky that day. On instinct I went left and then took a right, she was grinning looking back, certain she had escaped. Her jaw dropped, her eyes lit up, she turned on her heel and fled laughing.

I chased her down one corridor, then another corridor. Then down some stairs, I was gaining fast. She had to slow to dodge by a waiter with a drinks tray. I clattered into the waiter and he went down, swearing at us. A little cruel, but it made me laugh.

We ran further into the belly of the ship; she dodged under my outstretched arm…to have her again felt like a must, the romance had gone and was now lust… we’re all like that, part animal, part divine, she had to be mine.

She ducked through a “Staff Only” door, I was close behind her… we took stairs, we ran hard, down another floor, and another floor and another door. It was warmer down here; we were in the beating heart of the ship, the engine room… there was no other way out… she was cornered and she loved it…. she put her back to a wall and turned to face me…her smile full of mystery and mischief…

You could smell paint and engine oil, you could hear the great engine humming and you could feel the steel underfoot. I strode towards her and she cocked her head. I pushed her hard into the wall… her eyes widened from the thrill of it…but my kiss was gentle…her mouth inviting…

‘On your knees,’ I told her.

‘No,’ she said.

I gripped her by the scruff of her neck as though to kiss her.

‘On your knees,’ I said.

‘We could be caught.’

‘That’s the thrill and we both know it, on your knees.’

I pushed gently on her shoulders and smiling she surrendered…the moment that woman surrenders to passion is one of life’s gifts… so beautiful that men have died and killed for it…so compelling it’s hard not to forget ourselves…she knelt before me…for now she obeyed me…

She unbuttoned my fly and reached inside…her mouth wet against my skin…her deep brown eyes looked straight into mine…that’s the art of it and she knew it…the submission when she looks you in the eye and takes you in her mouth…every noise seemed amplified…as though everything was an indicator we were almost caught…the pace was fast, almost fraught…

She unbuttoned her own jeans….her hand slipped between her legs…moving hard and fast…time melted out of my mind…her jasmine perfume drifted over the oily smell of the engine room…her touch…you know a lovers touch…when it feels like fire…she stood and placed her wet finger deep inside my mouth…I could taste her desire…I gave myself to the moment…blood ran like flames in my veins…

I turned her to face the wall…and slammed her into it…she loved the sudden force…she could feel how hard I was as I pinned her hands to the warm steel of the wall…

‘Tell me you love it,’ I said…as I bit her neck…she shivered…she purred…

‘I love it.’

‘Tell me you want it.’

‘I want it….I want it deep inside of me… she struggled for breath…please, come on Jack…’

Tell me you love me.’

‘Come on…we could get caught…’

I pulled her jeans down a little further…touching her naked backside…she reached her hand down… she pulled me inside her…it was bliss…a warm wet heaven…I was gentler this time…but she asked for more…

‘Harder…,’ she whispered. ‘Faster…deeper…give me more…’

I gripped her throat. I went at her hard, no idea how long for. She kept on talking.

‘Come on…harder… more…treat me like your whore…come on is that all you’ve got…harder…’

She kept talking to me…urging me on…I went harder…it must have hurt her…it was what she wanted…for the moment it was all she wanted… a sudden banging noise made us look round…no one was there.

‘Come on… before they find us…faster… harder…that’s it let me have it….’

There was another strange noise…

Then I let her have it…I was deep inside her…when it happened like a shot…just a taste…a few more seconds of universal bliss…she cried out…but I was beyond listening…

Reality came crashing back in seconds. I looked to check nobody was behind us. We’d gotten away with it, but we sorted out our clothing quickly.

She hadn’t said she was in love with me, also she hadn’t said she wasn’t. We all know how confusing that feels don’t we reader?

‘I need to use the bathroom,’ she said. ‘What is it?’

‘Nothing,’ I said.

‘Come on let’s have it.’

‘I still haven’t seen your boobies,’ I said dodging the topic with a smile.

‘Oh really,’ she said folding her arms and smiling.

I stuck my bottom lip out.

‘Oh go on then…’ she pulled down on her top and bra while laughing. As you might expect, I’d thought they were perfect, absolutely perfect.

More tomorrow xxx


11 comments on “The Girl on the Ship

  1. Harley
    December 17, 2014

    “All the darker moments were but shadows next to love” – great line, Jack


  2. jeffsnotthatfunny
    December 17, 2014

    Fab.I feel like i’ll be just waiting here by my computer until you come back.


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